Do you know what ‘jyoshitabi’ is exactly?

Exstremely popular

There is a new trend recently in Japan. We now identify  the word ‘jyoshitabi’.                         ‘Jyoshi’ means women, and ‘tabi’ means travel in Japanese. That’s why it makes sense   traveling only women.



We feel like incresing people who travel only women in Yoshimoto. It gets more popular with women from young to elderly. Would you experience the first special travel in Shima Onsen?

Shima Onsen itself


Shima Onsen has various attraction to women. They are looking forward to fashinable cafe , footbath or trying to drink onsen,and the beauty of nature. Hot water in Shima makes women beautiful because it has been told ‘producing beautiful skin’for the long time.





How to get to Yoshimoto from Tokyo?

Yoshimoto is not far from Tokyo so much. However, the landscape is totally different. Most foreign people who came to here are asking like that. For instance, changing from skyscrapers to countryside. It’s very simple and easy way to feel it.

3 ways to access


Shima from Tokyo by Train

Ueno Station/New limited express Kusatsu → Nakanojo Station
Tokyo Station/Joetsu Shinkansen → Takasaki station/JR Joetsu line → Shibukawa station/JR Agatsuma line → Nakanojō Station
By Direct bus
 This is expressway bus from JR Tokyo station, Yaesu-dori bus terminal to Shiman Hot spring. To reach our inn, get off the bus at the last stop “Shiman Onsen” and then walk about 10 min. They have additional bus services in winter.
By Car
Nerima IC/Kan’etsu expressway → Shibukawa Ikaho IC → Route 353 → Yoshimoto

The environment of Yoshimoto






 Yoshimoto is surrounded by rich nature. You could see various wild animals nearby Yoshimoto.  Moreover, you can enjoy here during all seasons. Feel the distinguished difference in your boned.




If you come to Yoshimoto, we especially recommend you to experience the Shima blue. The lake that contains paticular minerals in Hot spring is really attracting people. You can enjoy canyoning and canoe.







What Yoshimoto makes up

We are always necessary to band together in order to do our work as a team. Then how do we rally around?  The special existence for us is “Okami”. Okami means the woman who manages everything in Ryokan.


She was born and raised in Amami island of Kagoshima prefecture, and now leads us and company with strength and warmth of the southern land.