The most famous onsen in Japan

08.観光・湯畑 (18)08.観光・湯畑 (11)

Kusatsu Hot Spring is well known as much popular in Japan. Many tourists come to here to heal your hearth and  mind. The strong acidic constituent has been attracting them since back in the day.

Closely relationship

There is a deep relationship between Shima and Kusatsu onsen. Kusatsu hot water flourishes in place to heal many kinds of desease, however it significantly contains acid component. As a result of  hot spring cure in many times, it occasionally causes people to have a rough skin. Then Shima hot water has been used as a finish cover. The hot spring quality that contains natrium and calcium is actually suitable for skin care.


 Sister company in Kusatsu

YUBATAKE no YADO Yoshinoya had its grand opening in the Kusatsu Hot Springs area in July 2013. We offer a casual and pleasant environment at a reasonable price. Our stay-only style allow you to interact with local residents as you enjoy dinner at any of the numerous dining establishments in the nearby area. At the same time, we offer guests the convenience of a light breakfast for free. We are located a mere two-minute walk from the steaming YUBATAKE (‘Hot Water Field’), a symbol of the Kusatsu Hot Springs. Use YUBATAKE Yoshinoya as a base for planning flexible and exciting travel. All of us at YUBATAKE Yoshinoya are looking forward to your arrival.

04.外観 (3)

01.男湯 (2)


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