All About Yoshimoto

Yoshimoto is a small 8-rooms hot spring Ryokan (Japanese style inn) with a design to cherish the Japanese style such as Tatami (straw mat) guest rooms and Irori (Japanese style open hearth) at the lobby.





We do our work for Shima Onsen in Gunma Prefecture. This region has many kind of Hot Springs. As the feature of Shima Onsen, it is really soft. Some say that it can be used as a baby’s first bath.



The benefits of Shima Onsen has abroad range. The name of this Shima Onsen, literally means 40,000 referring to the legend that this hot spring can cure 40,000 kinds of sickness.



Four of the eight guest rooms are furnished with a private bath. Every rooms can be seen the fresh river at the window. Soaking in the Hot Spring surrounded by nature refreshes yourself profoundly.



 If you come to Yoshimoto, we want you to forget your time. That means we have to have the time to break from everything. Recreate yourself with Yoshimoto.